Why I Don’t Use The Names Jesus/Lord/God Anymore

Why I Don't Use The Names Jesus/Lord/God Anymore

If there is only one name that we can be saved by, He can’t have many different names (i.e., Hebrew – Yahusha, Greek – Iesous, Latin – Iesus, and English – Jesus)? Look in the dictionary and look up the name Jesus and you will find the Hebrew name Yeshua which is only found in the Hebrew scripture twice but at least they are closer to His true Name than the name Jesus. The J has only been in existence 400 – 500 years now. The J is the last letter to be added to the Modern English alphabet. So how can our Savior, who walked on Earth over 2000 years ago, be named Jesus? In the first King James Bible made in 1611 His Name was called Iesus. There were no Js in it at all. After seeing that, I had to question the change. Then it took me right back to Hebrew and to the true Name of our Savior Yahusha.

Regarding the name The Lord/God: Our Father gave His Name to us and His Name is not titles. There are many lords and there are many gods and those lords and gods have names but Our Father’s Name was taken out of Scripture because the Masorites said His Name was too “Holy” to be uttered so they replaced His Name with The Lord/God/Shem. Any word that has “the” in front of it is not a proper name to begin with. In scripture, it says not to take His Name in vain (meaning to bring His name to nought/nothing). They are doing that today by not calling Him by His proper Name. Some people think His Name is Jehovah, but again, there are no Js in the Hebrew or Greek alphabet so we know it can’t be the name. Many people say ‘I don’t speak Hebrew’ but when it comes to praising the Father they all say “HalleluYah” which means ‘Praise be to Yah’. Halleluyah is a Hebrew word. Almost all of the words we use come from Hebrew because it was one of the original languages. English is a much newer language and it has Old English and Modern English as we speak today and is compiled of many languages. In scripture, it says that our Father is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Will He change His Name or have many other names? No.

According to Exodus 3:13-15 His Name stands forever and His Name is YAHUAH.  It means He Is That Which He Is, or more commonly known as I Am that which I Am.


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