Texting or Emailing in Relationships

Texting or Emailing in Relationships

In light of the recent texting of bad news from the Malaysian Authorities to the missing airplane victims’ family, I thought I’d talk about texting and emailing in relationships.

The biggest mistake we make as couples is communicating through text and email. Things get misconstrued very quickly. It seems much easier to text nasty things to your mate than to actually SAY those same things in person. If couples are talking about important issues in the relationship, it’s best to stop the conversation via text/email and continue the conversation face to face.

With text/emails, there is a lot of guessing going on as to what the other person meant by what they said. When we assume something, it can get very ugly very quickly. Usually in text/emails, messages are way more shorter than it would be if you were on the phone or face to face. Looking someone in the eyes is the best communication to me. You can really see where they are coming from.

NEVER TEXT/EMAIL ANGRY! So many relationship end that way. THINK BEFORE SENDING.

For people who are “dating” in this day and age, it would seem hard to connect on a personal level if all you do is text each other. No interaction would seem weird to me. I would question the person if all they want to do is text and not talk on the phone, see each other, or even Skype each other. Something would seem fishy to me, but that’s my personal opinion. I would never go for that if I were single. I guess I’m old school…

I hate when you send this long text of information to someone and they respond with a couple words!! But the worst thing I hate is if you text someone and they don’t respond at all! That’s why I personally limit my talking via text/email. It’s my pet-peeve!



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