Chrislam: The Start of a One World Religion

Chrislam: The Start of a One World Religion

For those who read scripture, we know what is to come already. For those who don’t read scripture, you may or may not have heard the rumors that there will soon be a one world government and one world religion also called the New World Order (NWO). We see more and more today that Satan is right on track with his plan to continue to deceive the world with his blatant lies right in front of our eyes! If you are in these religions, I beg you to get out now and seek the ancient paths (Jeremiah 18:15 “But My people have forgotten Me, they have burned incense to what is false, and they have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths…). Follow what scripture really says and stop following religions. They will lead you down a literal dead end road.

Chrislam is the joining of Christianity and Islam. One religion worship wood (cross) while the other religion worship stone (kaaba). Deuteronomy 4:28 “And there you shall serve mighty ones, the work of men’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell.

I don’t understand how these two religions will come together. They believe two different things but yet the mainstream pastors are saying that they worship the “same god.” Muslims don’t believe that the Messiah is the first born of the Father; that He is the Savior of the world; that He died on the stake for sin; and that He was resurrected. They believe that He had no son; that He was only a prophet; and that Muhammad is greater. How can two walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3)?


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