Dying To Have A Big Butt??


Ladies, what is going on with the phenomenon of having a big butt? People are literally DYING after the procedure.  Is it really worth it??? NO is the answer.  Is Yahuah really pleased with us changing our bodies? It’s so disgusting to me, so I can’t imagine how Yahuah feels about it. The above picture is of a woman with 5 children. She got the surgery and died after suffering cardiac arrest following a pulmonary embolism which developed shortly after her plastic surgery. – See more at: http://blastdatass.com/mother-of-5-dies-following-brazilian-butt-lift-surgery/#sthash.wjJ2PjNw.dpuf

FAKE!? I hate it!!! Fake breast, butts, six pack stomachs, hair, nails, lips, cheeks, food, and the list goes on.


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