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Mothers Or Humans With A Brain, Look Away Now!

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Chrislam: The Start of a One World Religion

Chrislam: The Start of a One World Religion

For those who read scripture, we know what is to come already. For those who don’t read scripture, you may or may not have heard the rumors that there will soon be a one world government and one world religion also called the New World Order (NWO). We see more and more today that Satan is right on track with his plan to continue to deceive the world with his blatant lies right in front of our eyes! If you are in these religions, I beg you to get out now and seek the ancient paths (Jeremiah 18:15 “But My people have forgotten Me, they have burned incense to what is false, and they have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths…). Follow what scripture really says and stop following religions. They will lead you down a literal dead end road.

Chrislam is the joining of Christianity and Islam. One religion worship wood (cross) while the other religion worship stone (kaaba). Deuteronomy 4:28 “And there you shall serve mighty ones, the work of men’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell.

I don’t understand how these two religions will come together. They believe two different things but yet the mainstream pastors are saying that they worship the “same god.” Muslims don’t believe that the Messiah is the first born of the Father; that He is the Savior of the world; that He died on the stake for sin; and that He was resurrected. They believe that He had no son; that He was only a prophet; and that Muhammad is greater. How can two walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3)?

Do you carry DNA of former lovers in your body?

What do you guys think of this article? Very interesting! This is why a lot of women act like men in relationships! Not good!

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This bit of science arcanum is especially cringe-worthy.

Many years ago, scientists first discovered that a large minority of women have Y-chromosome gene sequences in their blood. At first glance, this seems strange. Men are born with Y-chromosomes but most women are not. The male cells in these women must’ve come from somewhere else.

But where?

The most obvious source is a fetus. Nearly every woman who has ever been pregnant or had a baby has cells from her fetus circulating in her bloodstream. These cells filter through the placenta and reside in the mother’s bloodstream and/or organs — including her heart and brain — for the rest of her life. This condition is called microchimerism, named after the Greek chimera, a creature composed of the parts of multiple animals. Pregnancy-related microchimerism explains why women with sons would have Y-chromosome sequences in their blood.

This is fascinating enough. But how do you explain why women without sons also have male cells circulating in their bloodstream?

This was the subject of a study by immunologists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. They took blood samples from 120 women without sons and found that 21 percent of them had male DNA. Women were then categorized into four groups according to pregnancy history: women with daughters only, spontaneous abortions, induced abortions, and no children/no abortions.

While the number of women bearing male DNA was highest in the groups that had abortions (nearly 80 percent), women who had only girls or no babies (20 percent) also had male cells in their blood. For no apparent reason.

There are other reasons why women in the fourth group carried male cells: inherited in the womb from a male twin that passed, from a miscarriage they did not know about, from their mother via an older brother…

Or through sexual intercourse.

There remains a possibility, however remote, that cells from a lover may pass be transmitted during sex. Those cells may hang out forever in the recipient’s body, taking residence in any organ. These cells are the imprint of lovers past, a trace of living history.

Might a woman’s bodily fluids enter a cut in a man’s genitals as well? Could men carry around the genes of women they’ve slept with?

The imagination is stirred. What are those foreign cells doing in hearts and minds? Are they wreaking havoc in our heads? Do the cells of former lovers clash? In a science fiction scenario a person could even take a drop of her own blood, isolate a cell from her former boyfriend, and clone him. Then do with him what she will.

The upshot of this research? It’s yet another reason to use a condom.

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Texting or Emailing in Relationships

Texting or Emailing in Relationships

In light of the recent texting of bad news from the Malaysian Authorities to the missing airplane victims’ family, I thought I’d talk about texting and emailing in relationships.

The biggest mistake we make as couples is communicating through text and email. Things get misconstrued very quickly. It seems much easier to text nasty things to your mate than to actually SAY those same things in person. If couples are talking about important issues in the relationship, it’s best to stop the conversation via text/email and continue the conversation face to face.

With text/emails, there is a lot of guessing going on as to what the other person meant by what they said. When we assume something, it can get very ugly very quickly. Usually in text/emails, messages are way more shorter than it would be if you were on the phone or face to face. Looking someone in the eyes is the best communication to me. You can really see where they are coming from.

NEVER TEXT/EMAIL ANGRY! So many relationship end that way. THINK BEFORE SENDING.

For people who are “dating” in this day and age, it would seem hard to connect on a personal level if all you do is text each other. No interaction would seem weird to me. I would question the person if all they want to do is text and not talk on the phone, see each other, or even Skype each other. Something would seem fishy to me, but that’s my personal opinion. I would never go for that if I were single. I guess I’m old school…

I hate when you send this long text of information to someone and they respond with a couple words!! But the worst thing I hate is if you text someone and they don’t respond at all! That’s why I personally limit my talking via text/email. It’s my pet-peeve!



Why Are Women So Hateful And Jealous Towards Each Other?

Why Are Women So Hateful And Jealous Towards Each Other?

Why can’t women get along?? We are always at odds with each other over petty stuff. This has got to stop! As women, we should be uplifting and encouraging each other instead of talking about each other behind our backs. Why do women feel more comfortable taking to men than they do their own sisters! Women, we need to get it together and unite. We should be sharing recipes, parenting skills, and all other things women do. Let’s build the Kingdom and stop tearing it down with envy, jealousy, and dislike because of color or size or marital status. This type of drama will NOT be allowed in the Kingdom so let’s fix this now…today! Shalum!


Why I Don’t Use The Names Jesus/Lord/God Anymore

Why I Don't Use The Names Jesus/Lord/God Anymore

If there is only one name that we can be saved by, He can’t have many different names (i.e., Hebrew – Yahusha, Greek – Iesous, Latin – Iesus, and English – Jesus)? Look in the dictionary and look up the name Jesus and you will find the Hebrew name Yeshua which is only found in the Hebrew scripture twice but at least they are closer to His true Name than the name Jesus. The J has only been in existence 400 – 500 years now. The J is the last letter to be added to the Modern English alphabet. So how can our Savior, who walked on Earth over 2000 years ago, be named Jesus? In the first King James Bible made in 1611 His Name was called Iesus. There were no Js in it at all. After seeing that, I had to question the change. Then it took me right back to Hebrew and to the true Name of our Savior Yahusha.

Regarding the name The Lord/God: Our Father gave His Name to us and His Name is not titles. There are many lords and there are many gods and those lords and gods have names but Our Father’s Name was taken out of Scripture because the Masorites said His Name was too “Holy” to be uttered so they replaced His Name with The Lord/God/Shem. Any word that has “the” in front of it is not a proper name to begin with. In scripture, it says not to take His Name in vain (meaning to bring His name to nought/nothing). They are doing that today by not calling Him by His proper Name. Some people think His Name is Jehovah, but again, there are no Js in the Hebrew or Greek alphabet so we know it can’t be the name. Many people say ‘I don’t speak Hebrew’ but when it comes to praising the Father they all say “HalleluYah” which means ‘Praise be to Yah’. Halleluyah is a Hebrew word. Almost all of the words we use come from Hebrew because it was one of the original languages. English is a much newer language and it has Old English and Modern English as we speak today and is compiled of many languages. In scripture, it says that our Father is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Will He change His Name or have many other names? No.

According to Exodus 3:13-15 His Name stands forever and His Name is YAHUAH.  It means He Is That Which He Is, or more commonly known as I Am that which I Am.