Who Failed Relisha Rudd?


I was sadden by the Amber alert of a missing 8 year old D.C. girl named Relisha Rudd.  I was even more saddened by the information that was released regarding her disappearance.  After viewing the news, I totally blame her mother for what happened to her.  Being a mother myself, I questioned how could a mother fail her beautiful child so miserably? She didn’t fail her child because she was living in a shelter. Times get hard and you have to do what you have to do to keep a roof over your children’s head.  Shamika Young failed her daughter by pimping her out to a grown sick man named Kahlil Malik Tatum!  The crazy part is that the aunt Ashley Young said that “he always bought her back when he is supposed to from shopping and swimming – with a new toy!” The young girl Relisha missed over six weeks of school in total, of which most of them were excused because the mother pretended that the daughter was under the care of “Dr. Tatum” who is Relisha’s abductor!  Once the school found out that the “Doctor” was fake, they reported it to authorities but it was too late.  Relisha is still missing and it has been eight days now.  On top of her disappearance, authorities found the body of Kahlil Tatum’s wife in a hotel room! He shot his wife in the head and fled with young Relisha.  According to the newspaper, below is the timeline of events concerning Relisha.  Please, if you have any information into the disappearance of Relisha Rudd, please contact authorities ASAP! Lift up prayers that this baby will return safely.


July 2007 – Social workers visiting Relisha Rudd’s house find evidence of inadequate food for her and a newborn and think Relisha, now 8, might have been physically abused.  No record of removals from the home.

April 2010 – Social workers find evidence of “medical neglect,” a home littered with trash and a failure to follow up on surgery for one of Relisha’s brothers.

November 2013 – Social workers find evidence that children were unsupervised and that one had been thrown to the ground and slapped, causing his lip to split open.

February 26 – Shamika Young asks Kahlil Malik Tatum, 51, a janitor at the homeless shelter at the old D.C. General Hospital, to take Relisha home with him. It is the last time she sees her daughter.  Later that day, Tatum and Relisha are seen at a Holiday Inn Express in Northeast.

March 5 – This is the last full day Relisha attended Payne Elementary School.

March 7 – Relisha is seen at Payne Elementary and tells a teacher she is sick and staying with her grandmother.

March 13 – A counselor at Payne writes a referral to D.C. Child and Family Service Agency noting that Relisha has missed more than 30 days, but officials say many were excused by her mother for illness, citing a “Dr. Tatum.”

March 19 – A social worker calls Tatum, who arranges a meeting at the shelter but doesn’t show up.  The worker discovers he’s the janitor and that “Ms. Young was unable to account for Relisha’s where-abouts.”  D.C. police launch a missing person investigation.  At 10:04 p.m., Tatum checks into Room 132 of the Red Roof Inn, and is seen with four people, none of them, police say, is Relisha.

March 20 – Police find Tatum’s wife shot once in the head at the Red Roof Inn.

March 21 – Tatum is charged in Prince George’s County, MD, in the death of his wife.  The search for Relisha continues.

– Washington Post Express